Management: Philosophy and Methodology Our view on management is based on two pillars. One is Friedrich Nietzsche’s “Become who you are”. The other is Aretê, a methodology for a holistic...

  • My name is John Greijmans. Educated as an economist and accountant, I have over 25 years working experience in finance & accounting, information systems, logistics and business development. I was active in both line management and project management, and have a broad experience in managing change and leading mergers & acquisitions. 
  • I want to use this site to publish articles and weblogs, either in English or in Dutch. This to share my knowledge and opinions and, more important to learn from my readers in discussing management issues. 
  • My mission is to help people and organizations to become who they are. My management philosophy is based on three guiding principles: (1) Confront the brutal facts, (2) Keep the end in mind and (3) Think out of the box.
  • John Greijmans

   Become Who You Are