Management: Philosophy and Methodology

Our view on management is based on two pillars. One is Friedrich Nietzsche’s “Become who you are”. The other is Aretê, a methodology for a holistic analysis of an organization and for making actions plans for continuous improvement. Arête is Greek and may best be translated as “reaching our highest potential”.   

Nietzsche: Become Who We Are

Walt Disney once said: “if you can dream it, you can do it”. We all have our dreams, we all know what we want to achieve, and we all are free to start working on becoming who, we already are in our dreams. When planning for, and working to become who we are, I always stick to three cornerstones of my philosophy:

  • Keep the end in mind
  • Confront the brutal facts
  • Think out-of-the-box

Keep the end in mind: Our focus should always be on becoming who we are. Whatever we do is directed at the goals and objectives we have, and will continue to set ourselves. The only moment we can truly say that we have become who we are, is when we come to the final end. Not one moment earlier.

Confront the brutal facts: All of us can become who we are, but none of us is there yet! Fact is, that there is a gap between the actual situation we are in, and the goals we want to achieve. In assessing the current situation, we do not run away from, or find excuses for, facts. We do not take the easy way out, but confront the facts, analyze them and plan the best way to become who we are.

Think out-of-the-box: To become who we are, we have to make plans and deal with issues. We will learn from the best, but we do not go the easy way of the copycat. If we would do that, we at best would become someone else. We are creative and look for our own best way to tackle any issue.

Aretê: Reach Our Highest Potential

We ourselves have to plan for and work towards becoming who we are. But we can get help! Arête is a methodology to analyze an organization in a holistic way, and make actions plans for continuous improvement towards becoming who we are. This management methodology is based on five cornerstones: 

  1. Mission Statement: define what we are and strive to become
  2. Strategic Planning: show the way how we can become what we are
  3. Organization: organize people, processes and resources to realize the plans
  4. Performance management: ensure that we achieve our plans
  5. Risk Management: prepare for events endangering the achievement of our plans.